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Who is Innov8tion?

Our Innov8tion Mission:

We work hard to provide quality products, with transparency, for comfort and peace of mind.


Hey there! I’m Christy, the face behind Innov8tion. This is my husband Ryan and our Lucy Lou.

My story is much like yours.

My beloved dog, Lucy Lou, spent two years struggling to get out of bed.

Her vet diagnosed her with arthritis and hip dysplasia, which is common for her breed.

Trying to be a good dog parent, I took her vet’s advice and started her on medication, despite the long list of side effects that she may endure.

Sure enough, Lucy Lou began to react to the medication. The first issue was her inability to control her bladder anymore. We needed another medication to combat her peeing in the house.

I wasn’t on board with shoving that many medications down Lucy Lou’s throat.

The side effects could potentially get worse, and she would be stuck in an endless cycle of needing more medication.

I became desperate for something that didn’t cause strong reactions in my dog

The Cannabis Hype

I’m not an experienced cannabis user, by any means.

But my news feed and research kept coming back to hemp oil. So many people were praising hemp oil for treating anxiety, pains, and even cancer, in their pets.

The best part? They reported minimal side effects.

After much Googling and lurking in forums, I decided to purchase my first bottle of expensive hemp oil.

I grabbed a heap of shredded cheese, added the hemp oil, and watched intently as Lucy Lou took her first dose. After her breakfast, she laid down to relax.

Then, something incredible happened.

She stood up on all fours, without a sign of any pain.

My husband and I were in shock. Lucy Lou hadn’t gotten up by herself in over two years.

Seeing if it Worked on our Other Dogs

Our 6-year-old Beagle, Daisy Mae, was diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma, shortly after we started treating Lucy Lou.

Daisy Mae is the baby of the family, so we were all heartbroken to hear the news.

Unfortunately, her cancer was too late for treatment to be effective.

We gave her full-spectrum hemp oil throughout her final months, to help with the excruciating pain.

Until the day she passed away, she wagged her little tail and knew that she was loved.

The Idea Behind Innov8tion

Though Daisy Mae is no longer with us, she and Lucy Lou inspired me to create innov8tion. I hopped on my computer and did extensive research for over a year before deciding to partner with the best hemp company in the USA.

It’s important to me that I’m giving you organic, professionally tested, full-spectrum hemp oil.

I work with the only company that I trust with the health of my own dogs.

We test every single batch to guarantee consistency in quality.

You can click here to check out our certificate.

My goal is to bring you the highest quality full-spectrum hemp oil for your pet, at an affordable cost.

Final Thoughts on Hemp Oil for Pets

I know that this “hemp oil” stuff works.

The same bottles listed in this shop are the exact bottles that I too, use for my very loved dogs.

Have any questions about our full-spectrum hemp oil? Contact me at christy@innov8tion.pet or fill out our contact form.


Where Quality Matters:

At innov8tion, we care about the health, safety, well-being and comfort of your pets. To ensure your furry friends stay happy and healthy, we offer a variety of all-natural, pure, effective hemp oils.

We take great pride in using only American hemp. Our crop is grown in Colorado and Kentucky. We also adhere to organic standards set forth by the USDA. The safety of your pets is extremely important to us. Rest assured, we do not add pesticides or toxic chemicals to our crops.

Upon harvest, we use the super-critical carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction process to concentrate cannabidiol. This process is the best way to extract from hemp because it leaves no solvents or impurities. What remains is pure, stable, potent, and safe.

We are dedicated to ensuring every product that leaves our door is perfect. This begins with how our hemp oil is sourced and extends to your satisfaction and pets well-being.

All of our products are third-party tested by ProVerde Labs to ensure our product is safe, pure, and potent. The facility where our product is produced is held to strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards guaranteeing complete cleanliness, consistency, and traceability. Each batch of oil is quality tested with results provided on our product pages.