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Tinker Bell

My cat's only 6, and seems to already be in good health. But, I wanted something that could help with digestion (as its getting closer to shedding season). Also, Tinker Bell (cute, right?) can get a bit sassy and stressed when my family comes to stay with me. And, with my brother moving in for a few months, I wanted something that might help calm her nerves without altering her personality. Two weeks in and so far, so good. She does seem to enjoy my brother more without seeming to be drugged up. In fact, she's just as playful, if not more, than pre-hemp oil. For those worried this simply makes your pet dopey, don't be. And for those worried their furfamilymember will not tolerate the taste, I feared the same. However, my cat likes it so much, she generally licks most off of her wet food before I can get it all on her "plate." ~Carrie, UT