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Don't Just Take Our Word For it, See What Others Have to Say!

Meet Lucy Lou

15 year old Lucy Lou - our innov8tion mascot
This is our 15-year-old Lucy Lou. She is the very reason innov8tion was created...Read more here


Meet Daisy Mae 

end of life support for Daisy Mae

In October 2017, at just six years old, Daisy Mae was diagnosed with Lymphoma...we stumbled across CBD oil and learned it is possible to prevent and even stop cancer cell growth...Read more here


Meet Frodo

Frodo the chihuahua

Frodo is a 10 year old, 4 lb 6 oz Chihuahua and is the newest addition to our family...Read more here



Meet Max

Max is an 11-year-old Westie who has been allergic to nearly everything his entire life. It has been 3 months since Max was given his first dose of innov8tion hemp derived CBD oil...Read more here


Meet Prince Andrew (and his brothers)

Prince Andrew is a 14-year-old boy with Lymphoma who is now on CBD oil, and likes to share it with his brothers Captain Jack and Autumn Leaf...Read more here


Meet Tinker Bell

My cat's only 6, and seems to already be in good health. But, I wanted something that could help with digestion (as its getting closer to shedding season)...Read more here


Meet Rally (and his siblings)

Can't believe the difference! I have a 15-year-old Jack Russell that we had been treating with Rimadyl and Tramadol…Read more here


Meet Charley, & his FOUR fur siblings :)

Thank you for bringing my beautiful baby puppy (10 years old) relief and puppiness!! I LOVE you guys!!!! Read more here


Meet Mox and Lucy

I thought I would need to hide it in his food but he loves it...Read more here


Meet Luxor

When we picked him up from surgery he was in pretty rough shape...Read more here


Meet Scooter (with his BFF Katie) 

scooter cbd oil

We started our dog on innov8tion CBD approximately one month ago. We decided to start this for two reasons - Scooter has severe irritable bowel disease which is currently under control and he has seizures as well...Read more here


Meet Gigi

Gigi Yorkie outside

When Gigi was 2 she was stomped in our yard by a buck mule deer (welcome to Wyoming), this crushed 2 vertebrae in her back, between her shoulder blades...Read more here


Meet Katie

Katie yellow lab loves CBD

Last summer Katie came in from the yard and could barely walk on her rear legs. She hopped to get around and we had to help her up to go outside. She was already on Rimadyl at this point and that was not helping. We took her to the emergency vet that night and they thought it was her hips...Read more here


Meet Izzy Lou

Izzy Lou Seizure and Anxiety Releif on CBD Oil for Pets
My little dog, Izzy Lou suffers from seizures and anxiety.  Before I had the CBD oil, her seizures would normally last for 30 seconds to a minute...Read more here


Meet Tucker

Tucker with innov8tion 250mg hemp for pets
I recommend your oil to anyone who will listen and plan to continue using it for 16 year old Tucker...Read more here


Meet Kaine & Layla

innov8tion cbd oil eases allergies & anxiety for pets
With my big dogs, Kaine (left) and Layla (right) I got the 750 mg because they have a mild grass allergy so their skin is usually blotchy, red and they're always itching... Read more here


Meet Gracie

Sweet Gracie
The “hmmmm....” has turned into a” yippee”! I am definitely seeing change in this little girl’s energy and ability to run, etc...Read more here


Meet Diezel

Diezel now allergy free thanks to innov8tion cbd oil for large dogs
Diezel is our 116 lb baby. He is now down to one pill that has nothing to do with his allergies! Innov8tion has taken all of his allergies and irritation away...Read more here


Meet Maki

Maki relaxing with his innov8tion cbd oil for small dogs

A year or so ago, Maki began to walk very stiff-legged, and x-rays show that his "elbow" bones are fusing together, likely causing him pain when he walks. It was then that I began to research CBD oil for dogs and found your product...Read more here


Meet Molly

simply pain free with innov8tion 750 mg cbd oil
I believe that your CBD oil kept my Molly from starving to death, and gave her her life back!...Read more here


Meet Sunny

innov8tion CBD helping Sunny live her best life
Thank you so much for making a quality oil that has such visible benefits for my dogs!...Read more here


Meet Angus

cute little angus
Angus takes innov8tion CBD oil for anxiety, it really seems to help and an unexpected benefit...Read more here


Meet Bobbi

sweet bobbi

Bobbi takes innov8tion CBD oil for anxiety and to ease the pain of heart failure...Read more here