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scooter relaxingWe started our dog Scooter on .25 mL approximately one month ago.  We decided to start this for two reasons - Scooter has severe irritable bowel disease which is currently under control and he has seizures as well.  He is currently on Phenobarbital and the neurologist wants to start him on Keppra in addition to see if we can control the seizures a little better.  He currently has a seizure every 4-6 weeks.  We decided to try the hemp oil before starting him on the additional medication.
UPDATE: (2 months into using innov8tion CBD): Scooter is doing well on the higher dose of .50 mL.  He use to wake up 2-3 times during the night and he is now sleeping peacefully through the night which in itself is a HUGE improvement to our life :-).  His digestion problems seem to be under control and no seizures since he has been on the higher dose but in all honesty it's probably too early to tell if the oil is helping the seizures.  We will continue at this dose for now. 

UPDATE: (7 months into using innov8tion CBD): Scooter gets his CBD oil (750mg) twice a day.  After a short time of dosing adjustment we have found the sweet spot and it has definitely helped control the frequency of his seizures which makes us all happy!  

In addition to that, it seems to have made him less anxious and he sleeps MUCH better at night. 

Great customer service....we will continue to use this.

Thanks! ~Kitty, AZ

p.s. This is a photo of Katie and Scooter, they grew up together and are BFF's.
katie and scooter playing