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Can't believe the difference! I have a 15-year-old Jack Russell that we had been treating with Rimadyl and Tramadol. In addition, giving Prozac as he is quite ornery. We started this hemp oil about a month ago and stopped the other meds. He acts like a puppy now! He tries playing with the other dogs, is alert and happy, plus I have seen him jumping up like he used to. No limping anymore! Even his temperament has improved. One of our friends commented and jokingly asked if we got a new dog! Other visitors to our house have also noticed. And at his latest physical the vet couldn't believe how well he was doing. The vet approved of the hemp oil and said they even recommend to some of their pet owners. Old dog doesn't especially like the oil but will drink it mixed with bone broth or stirred in some soft food. Just ordered my 2nd bottle..... absolutely amazing product! Thank you!!!! ~Misty, UT