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Molly striking a pose after her innov8tion cbd

Around the beginning of this year, I noticed Molly experiencing some hind-quarter weakness that is ongoing. Her holistic vet recommended acupuncture treatments, of which she had a number of. They seemed to help somewhat, until the last two times when, both times, she refused food for 11 days after each time (1 treatment per month).

The vet said the refusal to eat food was unrelated, but it was too extreme of an experience for Molly's mom (ME!) to endure, buying any and all foods I could think of every single day to offer her...from different brands of stinky canned foods, to ice cream, rotisserie chicken, eggs, rice, sausage gravy and biscuits, steak...to no avail!

Molly lost weight that she has never fully regained, as my heart broke for her with utter helplessness. It was then that I began to research CBD oil for dogs and found your product.

From the very first administration, it's like Molly "woke up". And she began to EAT again. At one point, we were up to 16 eggs yolks and1/2 rotisserie chicken per day! I did not follow the recommended dosage to get her started, she began with 25mg per day, and at this point in time, months later, we do that amount 3 times per day.

These days, Molly eats a couple tiny meals every day, and she still gets whatever she wants...which is mostly mac n cheese, chicken fried rice, different meats that I have cooked, and also Critical Care prescription canned dog food.

I believe that your CBD oil kept my Molly from starving to death, and gave her her life back! We most obviously discontinued those acupuncture treatments.

Molly still experiences hind-quarter weakness, but we just help her when she needs it, and we take walks every day around 1/4 mile in length!

~ Alexis P., FL