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max relaxing with his cbd oil from innov8tion

Max is a 12-year-old Westie who has been allergic to nearly everything for most of his life. To combat his allergies, we followed the advice of our veterinary and put him on a steroid to help keep him comfortable. But even on steroids, Max was constantly itching and biting at his feet, legs, and really anywhere he could reach. His hair was gone in many places and his skin was bright red and irritated. 

We researched hemp derived CBD oil and found reports of this oil easing allergy symptoms, so we had to give it a try. 

Within the first 3 months of giving Max innov8tion CBD oil we saw amazing results. His hair has grown back, he no longer has bright red skin, he no longer chews on his limbs, and he is completely off of the steroids.  Max is finally a comfortable and balanced dog enjoying the senior years of his life.


~Debbie J., WY