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Maki comfortable with less pain thanks to innov8tion hemp oil for pets

A year or so ago, Maki began to walk very stiff-legged, and x-rays show that his "elbow" bones are fusing together, likely causing him pain when he walks.

Three pain medications are prescribed for Maki, and sometimes we have success in administering them, and other times, he absolutely refuses, and I am not the type to force things, as I don't want to create a negative experience for him taking the pills.

I try pill pockets, steak, pork, cheese, cream cheese, fried chicken livers...some days we have success, and others, nope!

It was then that I began to research CBD oil for dogs and found your product. 

Maki continues to walk stiff-legged, but he does not seem to be in pain...I do know dogs are good at hiding the pain...but when dogs are in pain, they don't typically eat much.

Maki has a great appetite and although we hold his dinner bowl for him so he can lay down and eat...as he has a hard time standing for long periods...he is still a strong boy!

I attribute his comfort and appetite to your CBD oil! 

~ Alexis P., FL