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Lucy Lou

This is our 15-year-old Lucy Lou. She is the very reason innov8tion was created.

After years of using prescribed medication that barely worked for her joint pain and hip dysplasia, I was tired of the side effects the medication caused and she was still in pain.

I researched an alternitave for many days and found CBD oil. I purchased a fairly expensive bottle and was amazed at the results. I decided to discontinue her medications and give her only CBD oil.

Because I know this product has given life and comfort back to our aging Lucy for the rest of the time we have with her, I wanted to share it with other pet parents.

So I joined forces with an incredible and trustworthy company in Connecticut to source CBD products, with the goal to provide the highest quality, full-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD oil at an affordable cost.lucy lou with innov8tion 750 mg hemp oil for pets


I am humbled and honored to be a part of the journey with so many pet parents out there. Thank you for your support - we could not do this without our loyal customers!


With gratitude and love,


~ The innov8tion Family, UT