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Katie (her fur sister Abby, and BFF Scooter)

Katie & Abby yellow labs after CBDKatie is our 8 year old yellow lab that has unfortunately had a lot of issues to deal with in her life. She has spondylosis in her back, grade 4 elbow dysplasia in both elbows along with seizures that were occurring monthly.  She has torn both of her CCL’s and had them repaired with TTA surgery and a couple years ago, had bone chips removed from her right elbow with arthroscopic surgery. Needless to say she is a bit of a mess.

Last summer she came in from the yard and could barely walk on her rear legs. She hopped to get around and we had to help her up to go outside. She was already on Rimadyl at this point and that was not helping. We took her to the emergency vet that night and they thought it was her hips. The vet mentioned CBD oil and said that although they can’t recommend it, they have heard good things from clients that had used it.  We took her to our regular vet who thought her injury was either her gracious or iliopsoas muscle so we tried some steroids, gabapentin and laser treatments but nothing was helping her much.

We finally decided to go with acupuncture and CBD oil and after 3 acupuncture after CBD oil Katie feeling welltreatments along with the CBD oil 3 times a day, we noticed a huge improvement with all of her issues. She started using her rear legs again and her elbow dysplasia and spondylosis seemed to have improved. We have continued the CBD oil and Katie is now back to going for walks and playing with her sister Abby and best friend Scooter who is also taking CBD oil for his issues. We still have Katie on Rimadyl but she has not had a seizure in over a year and she hasn’t needed any additional acupuncture treatments or laser treatments which she was receiving a couple times a month.

Katie & Scooter on CBD for seizuresI truly think the CBD has made a huge difference in her overall health and we will continue to use it for the rest of her life. Our breeder has also heard of many success stories from colleagues who also have aging dogs on CBD oil for arthritis. They were all amazed at how well the dogs have responded and most have said their old dogs are acting like puppies again.

Western veterinary medicine is wonderful but don’t be afraid to try alternative treatments. They really do work in many cases. Katie is walking proof of that! Thanks for providing our fury family members with such a great product. ~Carol, AZ.