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Kaine & Layla

allergy and anxiety relief

With my big dogs, Kaine (left) and Layla (right) I got the 750 mg because they have a mild grass allergy so their skin is usually blotchy, red and they're always itching. 

But once again, Innov8tion has helped withthe allergies.  Their skin doesn't get irritated and red because I give the oil to them daily and they absolutely love the taste of it. 

It helped when I first got Layla because she was my first adopted rescue and when we brought her home she was a nervous wreck.  With the help of Innov8tion, she came out of her shell pretty quick and she's got quite the personality, always seems to have a smile on her cute face and never stops wagging her tail! 

I have been buying Innov8tion for several years now and I love how much it has helped my dogs and I will continue to buy the product for them because it actually works. 

This stuff is amazing and I'm really glad I found it! Thank you for making this miracle CBD oil for dogs ❤️

~Shelby C., MO