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Izzy Lou

innov8tion for pets cbd oil helps with seizures

I came across Innov8tion through a Google and Amazon search to try and find the best rated CBD oil for dogs that have seizures and allergies.  Found Innov8tion and based on the reviews I decided to get it and try it out with my dogs. It was also the very first CBD oil I gave them.  

My little dog, Izzy Lou suffers from seizures and anxiety.  Before I had the CBD oil, her seizures would normally last for 30 seconds to a minute so I am able to tell when she's about to have a seizure.  Any time she starts to have a seizure, I just give her .25ML of the 250mg oil and I kid you not, the seizure stops within 10-15 seconds of her taking it.

It has changed her life so much for the better because the amount of seizures she would normally have within a month has been cut down tremendously!!  She no longer has as many seizures as she used to! Unfortunately she still has them but the fact that this CBD oil has limited the number of seizures and the duration is amazing.

It also comes in handy for stormy nights when she becomes really anxious.

~Shelby C., MO