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Gracie feeling great on innov8tion cbd oil for pets

Gracie is a Cavalier King Charles spaniel, 14 years old weighing 15 pounds. Along with joint issues, she has started shaking a bit.

We have had her checked out thoroughly but it seems nothing will help. She’s happy, eats and sleeps well, so most likely, the only ones suffering are my husband and me as we watch her trying to stand up or climb steps.

After slowly increasing Gracie's dosage over approximately 30 days, Gracie “ran” into the bedroom and hopped up on our somewhat-high-from-the-floor bed! And . . . she has been complaining about going for walks these days, but this morning, we did 3 miles together and she literally ran most of the way home.

The “hmmmm....” has turned into a” yippee”! I am definitely seeing change in this little girl’s energy and ability to run, etc.

~Jody M., MN