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Gigi doing well on innov8tion hemp oil for petsGigi is a Yorkie. We have had G since she was 14 weeks old, she is going to be 7 on May 1st. She Is full of spunk & LOVE...snuggling and chasing birds are her favorite pastimes. When Gigi was 2 she was stomped in our yard by a buck mule deer (welcome to Wyoming), this crushed 2 vertebrae in her back, between her shoulder blades. She was in pain, and after a little while lost the use of her back legs!! Our vet suggested CBD oil & laser treatment...it was a MIRACLE, seriously a night /day difference. (We are also lucky enough to know Courtney who is Christy’s niece, and she put us in touch with Innov8tion!) G’s quality of life has vastly improved & she is living her best life with our family...who adore her ❤️ 


Oh! Thank You!! Our Gigi is a much more comfortable & happy baby when she
Little Gigi, the Yorkie
has your oil. We are so grateful that you make it available ❤️

~ Deborah, WY