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Frodo the chihuahua saying HOLAThis is Frodo, the newest addition to our family. He is a 10-year-old, 4 lb 6 oz Chihuahua and is the absolute sweetest boy!
We adopted him from a rescue in Hurricane, UT called BAM (Because Animals Matter). Below is his rescue and adoption story sent to us from BAM.


Little Frodo came to us with a terrible bite wound on his neck!!! The shelter he was at was unable to help him, but we got him here, got his wound repaired, and got his teeth all shined up cuz yuck!! It turned out the little man has a heart condition that requires a couple of medications to treat and he’s, well, a little on the “mature” side. He was in foster care for several months when his adopter saw him, fell in love, and could see past what some folks would see as negatives!!! We’re sure this special little guy is going to have the best life with his new family!!



This is Frodo when he was pulled from the NV shelter and on his way to the rescue BAM.

sick baby Frodo

This is Frodo at his temporary foster's house before his neck surgery. 

Frodo in his temp foster home

His neck wound, post surgery - poor little guy!

Frodos neck wound fixed

Frodo at the rescue, getting ready for his Halloween photo shoot!

Frodo getting ready for his photo shoot


The final product :) - he is so cute!!!

Frodo the scarecrow


Frodo snuggled up in his forever home!

frodo snug as a bug in a rug


We are so grateful for BAM, and the compassion they showed our sweet Frodo! We will love and care for him for the rest of the time we have with him!

With love,

Christy, UT