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Diezel completely allergy free!

This is our baby (116lb baby!) Diezel. Diezel has always had issues with skin allergies. In the summer it of course seems to be worse. About a year and a half ago we reached our peak.

He was on 5 different medications and he still never seemed to have 100% relief. At the time he was 5 and we were concerned about his quality of life and what potential harm the medications may have long term.

I asked our vet about other alternatives and he suggested we try CBD. I searched and searched to make sure we found a quality product for him. We got really lucky and our first try worked! Within a couple of days we could tell he was more at ease and his itching was a lot less. We started with 5 drops and moved to 10 drops of the 750mg at each meal.

Because of his skin issues he also had a not so pleasant odor. To continuously bathe a 116lb fur baby is not the funnest! We appreciate Innov8tions attention to the quality of their product and the flexibility.

Diezel is now down to one pill that has nothing to do with his allergies! Innov8tion has taken all of his allergies and irritation away. This was our first full summer without any issues. His fur has completely grown back in spots that were the most irritable for him. He would lick and lick the spots till they were raw and bald. To see our baby be able to finally relax and enjoy being outdoors and living his best life is priceless!

Diezel will let us give him his daily dose either in his food or straight from the dropper. It’s like he knows the dropper has his liquid gold!

From our entire family, thank you for allowing us to give Diezel his best life. He truly is a core member of our family!


The Hicks Family - UT