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Charley, Cali, Angus, Keiser & Lyllie

Oh my word!! I can't thank you enough for your product. I thought I was going to have to say goodbye to my VERY VERY loved chocolate lab, Charley. I was crying for days when I got this in the mail. My daughter read up on your product & bought this for him. The change was INSTANTANEOUS!!! He runs & jumps like a puppy again!!! God bless you!!!!! Thank you will never be enough!!!!

This is my baby puppy face, Charley.  He's been so "froggy" since he started the hemp oil.  I know he's getting older and I know his time to leave will be sooner than I would like.  But you guys have given him a new, pain free lease for the rest of his duration.  I can't tell you how much that means to me.  He is my heart.




My crew:

Charley - 10 y/o - 75 lb Chocolate Lab
Cali - 8 y/o - 65 lb Lab/Pit mix
Angus - 6 y/o - 65 lb Lab/Hound mix
Keiser - 5 y/o - 70 lb Lab/German Shorthaired Pointer
Lyllie - 1 y/o - 110 lb Great Dane


5 pups all benefit from innov8tion CBD for pets

"On New Years eve, my neighbors decided to celebrate with VERY BIG, VERY LOUD sounding fireworks.  Charley, Angus, Cali & Keizer were fine with the fireworks & loud noise.  Lyllie, my 110 lb Great Dane puppy (she's 13 months old) was not!!!  She crawled into my pantry on the bottom shelf.  My son & I had to drag her out.  I gave her 1 mL of the CDB oil by mouth praying it would help her.  IT DID!!!!  Within about 10 minutes, she was calmer and she came out of hiding.  Although she still tensed up a bit (I could feel it because she was lying next to me), she was no longer shaking or trying to hide.  PRAISE JESUS!!!!  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!  You are truly an ANGEL!!!!"

~Danielle, FL