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The Do’s and Don’ts of Grooming Your Pets

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Has your dog or cat started to resemble a beast in the wild? If your pet’s appearance has seen better days, it’s time for a grooming session!

From adventurous outdoor escapades to tick and flea infestations; our pets need a regular grooming schedule to keep them looking good and feeling healthy. Just like humans, pets feel the best when they are clean and hygienic.

Regular grooming also ensures that skin oils are distributed evenly throughout the fur coat, resulting in less fur tangles and skin irritation problems. Here are a few pet grooming do’s and don’ts you  should keep in mind.


Do Brush Regularly

Regular brushing is key to ensuring that their coat doesn’t look too greasy or matted and helps keep tangles at bay, especially for pets that are extra furry. Brush your pet’s coat before bathing them; start from the base of the fur and comb outwards.

Do Trim their Nails

Maintaining the health of their claws and nails is very important. Long nails can easily get stuck in objects like clothing, bedding, carpet, etc. If your pet pulls away too hard, the nail might break altogether which can cause pain, bleeding, and distress. Trim their nails every few weeks.

Do Bathe Every Few Weeks

If your pet has long hair, it is best to bathe them every 4-6 weeks. While cats are generally self-groomers,, dogs need a little more help. Make sure you bathe them at regular intervals to clean out any dirt or oil buildup, and other accumulated debris. Regular baths will ensure a shiny coat and can help relieve itching or further skin problems.

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Don’t Use Hot Water When Bathing Them

Your pets’ fur and skin are especially sensitive to temperature. Hot water can burn their skin or damage the fur coat. It is best to check the water’s temperature before bathing your pet. The water should  be lukewarm to help keep your pet as comfortable as possible.

Don’t Use Human Shampoo

A common grooming mistake that many pet owners make is to bathe their pets with their own shampoo. Human shampoo often contains chemicals that can be harmful to our pet’s sensitive skin. It is best to choose a pet-specific shampoo with all-natural ingredients to ensure their overall health.

Keep Your Pet in Good Health!

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