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Separation Anxiety in Cats: Signs and Symptoms

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While dogs are generally considered as man’s best friend, cats are considered as solitary creatures that don’t really need human companionship. But that is not entirely true. Our feline friends can form just as strong social bonds with their human companions as well as animal family members.

So, it’s not uncommon that your cat could suffer from separation anxiety. The condition can cause a lot of distress and can upset the cat’s overall wellbeing. It is important to understand what can bring about separation anxiety in cats, its symptoms are, and how it can be treated.

The Causes of Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is often the result of a dysfunctional attachment. It can be brought on by a lot of factors, including:

  • Lack of social bonds with other human family members or pets
  • Orphaned kittens
  • Kittens that have been weaned too early
  • A change in the environment such as relocation, an extended vacation, changes in the family dynamic, etc.
  • Genetic factors; some purebreds such as Burmese and Siamese cats are more prone to separation anxiety
  • Anxiety or depressive disorders

The Signs and Symptoms of Separation Anxiety

The signs and symptoms of separation anxiety in cats are more subtle that dogs.. The symptoms of separation anxiety in cats can be sorted into two categories:

Behavioral Changes

Due to separation anxiety, cats may start displaying signs of:

  • Excessive meowing and vocalization
  • Defecating/urinating outside of the litter box, soiling the pet owner’s clothing or bedding
  • Excessive self-grooming and licking which can often result in hair loss
  • Ignoring food
  • Aggressive clawing
  • Overly clingy behavior, such as following the owner from room to room and constantly trying to get their attention
  • Abnormally enthusiastic greeting behavior
  • Or abnormally reclusive behavior

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Physiological Changes

Symptoms of separation anxiety can also manifest as physical changes in the cats. These may include:

  • A substantial decrease in appetite
  • Vomiting, in the absence of the owner
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea

If you notice your cat displaying the above symptoms and you suspect it’s going through separation anxiety; it is best to take them to the vet in order to rule out other conditions and form a proper diagnosis.

If your cat has been diagnosed with the condition, there are a few treatments to restore their health. One of the most effective separation anxiety relief treatments for cats is hemp derived CBD oil for pets.

You can find hemp oil for cats online at Innov8tion. Have questions? Contact us at 1-801-232-7409.