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Motion Sickness in Dogs

dog inside vehicle

Motion sickness isn’t just something humans have to deal with; it can be quite unpleasant for dogs as well. Most dogs aren’t used to being in a moving vehicle, since it’s not their natural environment.

In fact, the reason why dogs tend to bark more when in a moving vehicle is that they see other cars moving, too, and their instinct is to run behind them.

Why do dogs experience motion sickness?

The root cause for dogs throwing up during a car ride is an imbalance in the inner ear. The inner ear is responsible for stability; when dogs are in a vehicle, the balance of the inner ear gets disrupted, which makes them vomit.

Motion sickness is most commonly experienced by younger dogs since their inner ear isn’t fully developed. Therefore, they feel dizzy and nauseous while in a moving vehicle.

Older dogs experience motion sickness due to a mismatch in sensory information. This is similar to seasickness in humans.

The movement of the boat doesn’t coincide with the movement you see, especially if you’re in the cabin. Older dogs experience this conflict in sensory information that causes them to feel sick.

Symptoms of car sickness in pets

dog resting

Other than the usual vomiting, there are other signs that your dog is experiencing motion sickness like:

  • Yawing: if your dog yawns a lot during the car journey, it means they’re feeling nauseous.
  • Trembling: dogs tremble when they’re scared or experiencing some kind of discomfort.
  • Drooling
  • Dry heaving
  • Fatigue
  • Chewing

Natural nausea remedies

While there are a few anti-nausea medications your vet can prescribe for your dog, they all have some sort of side-effect or the other. Natural supplements are the best way to give them some relief from motion sickness. CBD oil is a great natural supplement to give your dog if they experience motion sickness.

CBD is known to have antiemetic properties and helps cancer patients with nausea and vomiting, which is a side effect of chemotherapy. Those who have AIDS also use this supplement to help with nausea and improve their appetite.

If you’re looking to get your pet started on natural supplements like hemp oil, innov8tion provides hemp products for pets. We provide full-spectrum hemp oil that’s natural and safe to use.

Made from American hemp, grown in Colorado and Kentucky, our CBD oil is safe to use on dogs and cats. Check out our hemp products available online or contact us at 1-801-232-7409 for more information.