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How to Tell if Your Cat or Dog is in Pain

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When you’re experiencing pain, you most certainly don’t behave the same way. Physical pain affects your life in many ways; it keeps you from going out, doesn’t let you focus on work, and can have a negative impact on your mood. Likewise, your pets also don’t behave in their usual manner when they’re in pain.  

Your pets might try to mask their pain and hence the signs that indicate they’re not doing okay can be quite subtle.

The process of natural selection has taught animals to conceal any weakness as it puts them at risk when it comes to predators. Even domesticated animals inherently have the same behavior.

Here are some of the most common ways your dogs and cats are trying to tell you something is wrong:


Trying to figure out if your dog is in pain or not is known to be fairly simple. Here’s the range of behavior to look out for in your dogs:

They’re louder than usual

It’s in the nature of canines to become louder when they’re in pain or discomfort. They begin to whine, whimper, or yelp. Depending on the breed you have and the severity of the pain, they might also begin to get aggressive.

Increased grooming

Dogs lick their wounds as a way to keep it clean and help it heal. However, they also lick a particular area when they’re experiencing internal pain. Other signs that they are in pain are licking their paws and rubbing their eyes.

They’re sleeping too much or not eating enough

Dogs tend to lose their appetite when their body is experiencing pain. They prefer spending their time alone sleeping. It helps their body heal and they don’t feel pain when they sleep.


Cat owners will know that figuring out if their pet is in pain or not is more difficult. They do a good job of masking their pain and as a result, it can take a while before you realize something is wrong. Here are some signs to look out for:

Change in behavior


Every cat’s behavior is different; while some are energetic, others can be quite lazy. As a pet owner, you’re familiar with their normal behavior quite a bit. If your active cat is sleeping too much or is spending time in one place, there could be something wrong.  

Not wanting to be carried

Cats love it when their owners rub their bellies and cuddle with them. If your cat has become resistant to you coming near it, they are probably in pain. Their natural instinct doesn’t allow them to even let their owners near them.

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