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Hemp Oil Facts for Pets You May Not Know About

innov8tion hemp oil for pets - what you need to know

When it comes to nutrition and general wellbeing, our pets deserve the best. CBD oil and various hemp products have recently surged in popularity. Known for its therapeutic and medicinal properties, hemp oil is not only great for us but for our furry friends as well.

CBD for cats and dogs has become quite common; pet owners find that moderate doses of hemp products are great at restoring balance and promoting overall health.

If you’re still not sure whether it is the right product for your pet, take a look at the following facts for surety.

Hemp Products are Non Psychoactive

You don’t have to worry about your pet getting high from munching on CBD treats. Since CBD products are derived from the cannabis plant, it is quite common for people to assume that CBD products are psychoactive. But that’s not really true. The reason cannabis causes a high is because of a cannabinoid called THC. However, hemp derived CBD oil has little to no THC, leaving your pet to feel calm and comfortable..              

CBD Can Help Improve Digestive Health

As our pets gradually age, nutrition becomes ever more important to help regulate their appetite and help their bodies function correctly.. Hemp derived CBD is an all-natural way to help your pet age gracefully and to regulate your pet’s appetite without causing any gut health disturbances.

Hemp Can Help Reduce Episodic Seizures

Humans are not the only ones to experience seizures; our pets can  have them too. An estimated 5% of the canine population suffers from episodic tremors and seizures. Most medicines prescribed to control seizures in your pet can be harmful to them in the long run. CBD oil, however, has been seen as a healthier, natural alternative for reducing the rate and duration of seizures.

Hemp Derived CBD Oil Should Be Given in the Right Dosage

Similar to humans, your pet will have different tolerance levels to CBD.It is important that you slowly build up to the right dosage also known as the sweet spot. Begin with the lowest suggested dose based on your pet’s weight and the product being used. Personalize your pet’s dosage by gradually increasing every five days, only if needed. This approach will help find the sweet spot without overloading their endocannabinoid (or ECS) system. Once the desired result is reached, stop increasing the dosage and enjoy your happy, healthy, and balanced pet!Ready to buy CBD for your pet?

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We are so confident your pets will love our hemp oil, and you will love the incredible results in your pets overall well-being, that we back our products with a 100% money back guarantee. We strive to provide a quality product to earn your trust and business. We are always here to help and answer any questions or concerns you may have. We love our customers (pets and their humans)! So order today, you will be glad you did! Welcome to our innov8tion family!!!

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