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Easy Ways to Show Love to your Dogs

person touching brown puppy

Have you ever wished that you could speak the language of your pets so you could tell them how much you love them? We all have. These furballs are constant companions to us, so we feel immense affection for them!

Dogs and other pets communicate with each other through their body language, by using tactile, auditory and olfactory communication with vocalization and body odors.

While your pet may not show it—or they might and you aren’t able to understand it—they experience a variety of emotions, including love, sadness, and frustration, among many others. It might be surprising, but a pet as sophisticated as a dog can even experience jealousy! 

While humans cannot speak dog language, there are ways to show your dog that you love them. The following are some of them:

Ear Rubs Can Make Your Dog Get High on Love

Being a dog-owner, you probably already know how much your dog loves ear rubs. You’ll often find your dog leaning in to your hand and drifting into a doggy trance every time you rub their ear.

This is because their ears are full of nerve endings which send impulses throughout the body, triggering the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins act as painkillers, which are also released when dogs feel loved.

Feed Your Dog By Hand

Feeding your dog by hand is a form of showing love —especially if it’s a puppy. Experts believe that dog owners who are fond of feeding their dogs by hand have a greater emotional attachment to their furry companions. These dogs also exhibit less instances of food aggression.

man kissing his dog

As dogs grow older, their need to be fed by hand may fade. But offering treats during a training session is still a great way to tell them you care.

Learn Your Dog’s Body Language

You may think that hugging your dog is the best—and the only—way to show your love, but it’s not.

Experts believe that dogs express through their body language—whether it’s changing the shape of the ears, looking at you with content eyes or wagging their tail. Learning how dogs communicate through their body language will help you reduce their stress and work toward making them feel relaxed.

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