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A Good Going-Away Treat? Separation Anxiety, What it is, and How CBD Oil Can Help

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As a pet parent, your priority is to make sure your pup is as happy and content as can be.

But with their yelping and whining—not to mention the unfortunate incidents that take place every time you leave the house—increasing each day, you’re not really sure what to do. Truth be told, you’re at the end of your tether.

But before we get to a solution, let’s answer some important questions:

What Breed Do You Have?

Some breeds are more likely to develop separation anxiety; they include:

  • Labrador retriever
  • Border collie
  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Jack Russell terrier
  • German Shepherd
  • Australian Shepherd
  • Vizsla
  • German Shorthaired pointer
  • Bichon Frise
  • Toy poodle

What Do You Know about Separation Anxiety?

Keep in mind that while the above-mentioned dogs are more likely to develop loneliness and anxiety, any dog can develop separation anxiety, so it’s not breed specific.

Situations that can trigger separation anxiety include moving to a new location, a terrible storm, a significant change in their schedule, the loss of a loved one, and even troubles between co-owners.

In short, a dog’s mental state is linked to their human companion. So any separation from them or any problems at home will lead them to believe that something is wrong.


What Symptoms Do You See?

Symptoms of separation anxiety include:

  • Pacing in the same spot over and over
  • Shaking or trembling
  • Losing control of their bowel movements
  • Whimpering
  • Anti-social behavior
  • Destructive chewing
  • Digging and scratching at doors

Now, if your dog is displaying all these symptoms, you might be tempted to assume they have separation anxiety. But remember, dogs aren’t the best at expressing their emotions (unless they’re absolutely happy!). In many cases, your dog might actually be displaying behavioral issues that you may be mislabeling as separation anxiety.

If you think your dog has separation anxiety, it’s better to simply take them to a veterinarian so they can conduct a full assessment and diagnose the condition.

Best Treatments for Separation Anxiety—How CBD Oil Helps

dog on woman's lap

There are plenty of tricks that have helped pet parents deal with separation anxiety.

Training your dog to understand words or actions may tell them when you’re leaving and when you’ll come back, leaving recently worn clothes behind so they have your smell nearby, even ignoring their whimpering for a few minutes and then petting them calmly, reassuring them that you’ll be back every time you leave.

Such methods go a long way in calming them down.

But if your dog has a severe problem, that’s when hemp oil can come in handy!

The Benefit of CBD Oil

Like it works in humans, CBD oil affects the dog endocannabinoid system as well. It offers the same benefits—triggering the receptors in their nervous system, organs and brain to release endocannabinoid chemicals, this activation of chemicals stabilizes their mood.

CBD oil also acts as a supplement, helping increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, which creates a soothing, calming effect.

dog looking up

And for a dog that experiences separation anxiety, this helps ease the transition, and lets them cope with separating from their human more easily. The fact that it positively impacts their health as well is a bonus!

Buying CBD Oil for Dogs

Innov8tion offers high-quality full-spectrum CBD oil for all dogs, small and large. Especially for dogs that experience separation anxiety, our pet CBD products help them remain calm and happy.

So, if you require CBD oil for your dog, buy from Innov8tion today, and give your pupper a much-needed dose of comfort!