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15 lbs of Newfound Energy

Jody and GracieCavalier King Charles spaniels are known for their affection and how great they are when it comes to companionship. So when Jody’s walking partner, a 13-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel, Gracie, grew too old to move without pain, Jody turned to CBD oil.

Unfortunately, Jody used a full bottle of 250mg CBD oil and didn’t see any changes in Gracie. Gracie was still having difficulties moving and walking.

My customers usually find that the CBD oil helps after some time has passed, so I was worried about why it didn’t work for Gracie. I reached out to Jody and after some emails, Jody agreed to give CBD oil a second try.

But this time, with the 750mg bottle.

To be clear, the 750mg bottle isn’t a larger bottle of CBD oil than the 250mg bottle. The 750mg bottle has a higher concentration so you’d be getting more per drop. This higher concentration is often unnecessary for smaller dogs like Gracie, who is only 15 lbs, but Jody decided to give it a try anyway.

Here were the instructions that I gave Jody:

1 oz - 750 mg bottle contains:
750 mg CBD per bottle
26 mg CBD per 1.25 mL (dropper full)
.85 mg CBD per drop

  • Begin with 2 drops twice per day (AM/PM)
  • If no improvement after 3 days, add a third dose at lunchtime if at all possible (morning, noon, night).
  • If after 3 days, you do not see an improvement in her mobility, increase her dose by 1-2 drops, 2 times per day (AM and PM).
  • If no improvement after 3 days, add a third dose of the increased amount at lunchtime (morning, noon, night) - and so on.
  • With the 750 mg oil, you will only need to increase the dosage by 1 drop every 3 days if needed.

Every pet responds differently to CBD oil, and finding that 'sweet spot' can take some time and adjustment. Thankfully, it is non-toxic so dogs cannot overdose on it. Potential side effects could be an upset stomach but if the dog is taking the CBD oil with food, there should be minimal issues. They might also be extra sleepy throughout the day.

For the first week and a half, there were minimal changes to Gracie, again.

Jody continued to increase her dose of CBD oil but Gracie didn’t seem to be improving.

Then another week passed. Suddenly, Gracie JUMPED up onto Jody’s bed!

Gracie also went on a 3-mile walk with Jody and has been begging for more walks.

Yep, that’s a video of Gracie! You could hardly tell that she has any sort of pain or issues walking.

Gracie Walking

Now? Gracie is even running again!

Gracie Running


Gracie was a tough cookie to crack but Jody was determined to help her. Yes, it took a couple of months, and yes there were a few adjustments, but look at Gracie now!

I love stories like Jody and Gracie’s. In fact, Jody’s initial issue with the CBD oil inspired me to create a dosing tracker and short instructional guide to help you gauge how CBD oil is working for your pet. 


Did your pet respond to CBD oil right away or did it take some time? Let me know in the comment below.