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I’m Christy, the face behind innov8tion. This is my husband Ryan and our Lucy Lou. My story is much like yours. 

Our 14-year-old beloved dog, Lucy Lou, spent two years limping around and struggling to get out of her bed. Her vet diagnosed her with arthritis and hip dysplasia, which is common for her breed.

Trying to be a good dog parent, I took her vet’s advice and started her on medication, despite the long list of side effects that she may endure. Sure enough, Lucy Lou began to react to the medication. The first issue was her inability to control her bladder anymore. We needed another option to combat her peeing in the house, but still keep her comfortable. I also wasn’t on board with shoving a bunch of medications down Lucy Lou’s throat as I knew the side effects could potentially get worse and she would be stuck in an endless cycle of needing more medication. I became desperate for something that didn’t cause strong reactions in my dog.

At the time, I was not an experienced cannabis user, by any means. But my news feed and research kept coming back to hemp-derived CBD oil. So many people were praising the oil for treating anxiety, joint pain, and even cancer, in their pets. The best part? They reported minimal to no side effects! After much Googling and lurking in forums, I decided to purchase my first bottle of expensive CBD oil. I grabbed a heap of shredded cheese, added the oil, and watched intently as Lucy Lou took her first dose. After her breakfast, she laid down to relax.

Then, something incredible happened. She stood up on all fours, without a sign of any pain. My husband and I were in shock. Even with her pain medication, Lucy Lou hadn’t gotten up without pain in over two years!

Lucy Lou inspired me to create innov8tion. I hopped on my computer and did extensive research for over a year before deciding to partner with the best hemp company in the USA. It is extremely important to me that I’m giving you pure, organic, professionally tested, full-spectrum, hemp-derived, CBD oil at an affordable cost.

I work with the only company that I trust with the health of my own dogs. We test every single batch to guarantee consistency in quality. You can click here to check out our certificate.

Our full-spectrum, hemp-derived, CBD oil for pets contains less than 0.3% THC and can be used as an alternative or with pain relief medication to help ease arthritis and inflammation. Other health benefits can include joint and hip support, relief from muscle spasms, seizures, allergies, and anxiety - ultimately providing health, balance, and calm for your beloved pets.

Looking for a joint supplement for dogs or need pain relief for cats? Check out our hemp-derived CBD products for your pets today!

Two Dogs on Sea stack


When we have pets that are in pain, it can be hard to treat their symptoms with just one solution. Our full-spectrum hemp oil naturally provides hip and joint support ultimately helping to ease pain and inflammation throughout your pets body.

  • Provides Hip and Joint Support
  • Decreases Pain from Arthritis
  • Reduces Muscle Spasms and Seizures

Sick Dog


Giving your pets hemp oil can help decrease nausea, improve digestive issues, and ease allergies, without the undesired side effects of other pet medications. Naturally stimulates appetite and promotes healing after surgery.

  • Eases Allergies
  • Promotes Healing of Itchy Dry Patches
  • Comforts Pain & Fear-End of Life Support

Pet Dog


Pets with anxiety can create chaos within your home. Along with exercise and training, hemp oil helps reduce anxiety to bring calm and balance back into your lives. Our hemp oil contains less than 0.3% THC. Safe, non-toxic, and easy to use!

  • Calms Anxiety
  • Reduces Stress
  • Promotes a Healthy Homeostatic Balance



750 mg CBD oil for pets by innov8tion

Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Large Pets 750 mg

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Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil for Pets 250 mg

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Daisy Mae was diagnosed with Lymphoma in October 2017, at just six years old. We were heartbroken at the news! Naturally, we began the frantic search for a cure or a way to prolong her life, she was simply too young to leave us. We stumbled across CBD oil and learned that it was possible to prevent and even stop cancer cell growth.

We ordered and began giving it to Daisy right away. Unfortunately, Daisy's cancer was too far advanced for any treatment to help her and she crossed the rainbow bridge in March 2018. Although we were not able to save Daisy, hemp oil did help ease her pain and provide comfort to her and her grieving family during her last days.

~Shelby, UT
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